Radio Stations

The Ambassadors Radio Stations are 24/7 internet radio stations established for the edification of the spirit, changing of lives and glorification of God

Television Station

Ambasasdors Television is an online television station on which you get to watch diffrent edifying contents like messages, movies, music videos and so on. It is aimed at solving problems, changing lives and glorifying God

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Facebook Community

This is a community of people that will be earthly useful and Heavenly relevant. People of Faith that has Works, a people that knows that this generation has been sent to this generation.
We are community developers and God glorifiers. We are simply the light around here.

Telegram Channel

On this platform, you get access to materials from the mandate, radio station and so on that will bless you deeply.

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YouTube Channel

We intend to make known the prophetic agenda of God for the church at this end time that the influence of Zion shall be the highest and nation will have serious need for her. Our vision is to raise a people who are earthly useful and Heavenly relevant.

WP Radio
WP Radio